estate sales

6 Reasons to Shop Estate Sales

Everyone loves an estate sale. From the hand towels in the kitchen to the tools in the garage, there’s something for everyone. But now, more than ever, there are even more reasons to shop local, save money, and find your next treasure at an estate sale. Here are just a few.

1. Quality.

Consider all the furniture, dishes, cabinets and household goods that have been produced in the past fifty years, even the past one hundred years. Do you really need to go to Target and buy a bookshelf? And why buy furniture that will only last a few years then find it’s way to the landfill?


Chances are the furniture your grandmother bought in the fifties is still as durable and well-tended as when she bought it. Skip the big-box store, reuse, restore, buy local

2. Keep your money local.

When you buy from an estate sale, you’re not only supporting a local business, but also a local family. Pat yourself on the back.

Did you know: You can find everything at an estate sale, even dish soap and Ziploc bags!

3. Clean neighborhoods, clean planet.

According to Duke University’s Center for Sustainability, the average American throws away 4.5 pounds of trash every single day!


Why buy something made in China, shipped across the ocean, transported across the country, that may only hold up a few years, when you could buy something higher quality, more interesting, and cheaper from a local family?

4. Community.

Estate Sales are great places to meet your neighbors and help a family in need.

You may not have experienced the stress of cleaning out a loved one’s house, but someday you will, and having your community turn out to support you is an amazing feeling.

5. Vintage is in.


Records, metal signs, rustic cabinets, shabby chic chairs, 50’s gameboards – what’s not to love? You can find it all at estate sales!

6. Make Money.

Ever wonder how eBayers, flea market stands, and antique stores find all their stuff to sell? You guessed it, estate sales.

Start earning money on the side by reselling, refurbishing, and restoring your estate sale treasures!


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