What's it worth?

What’s it Worth? Tupperware

Vintage Tupperware has become highly collectible. Here’s how to know what to look for, what to buy, and how much to spend.

photo credit: Athenamama

Color Matters

Yes, Tupperware is great at keeping and storing food, but for resale purposes, it must also look great.

What colors are in:

Lime Green

photo credit: tWo pInK pOSsuMs

Cranberry Red

Photo Credit: Harco Rutgers

Cranberry red is so rare, I’ve had trouble finding a photo sample to use!! If you find it and it’s in good condition, get it!

Mixing Bowls

Photo Credit: Nacho Rascon

The bigger the better! Right now, a set of jumbo mixing bowls sells for approximately $50-$60 on eBay.

Here are ten examples of recent eBay sales. These items were in perfect condition.



Imagine it on a shelf

Photo Credit: tWo pInK pOSsuMs

Not certain what it will resell for? One thing shoppers are looking for are items to display. If you wouldn’t put it out on a shelf or counter in your kitchen, go with your gut feeling. It’s likely others share your opinion.

Be Selective

Photo Credit: chris jd
Photo Credit: Melly Kay

Look for unique pieces in beautiful, rich colors. Do an eBay search for what’s selling (not what’s for sale!!) before deciding to buy Tupperware to resell.

If you’re buying for yourself, then buy what you love and will use. Let the rest go.

Condition Counts

Photo Credit: Adriana @ Great Food 360

This pink steamer, in perfect condition, resells for $10 + shipping on eBay. Not a huge amount, but if you happen to come across one for a couple dollars, check to ensure it has no melt or scuff marks, and add it to your collection!

Double check before you buy that the color you’ve chosen is one people actually want. This same steamer in tan resells for $3.

A profit of a few dollars is not anything to get excited about, but as long as you’re doubling your money, you haven’t wasted any time.

Tupperware is readily available at estate sales and a great addition to your resell or flea market collection!


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