estate sales

More Than Antiques

What can you find at estate sales? You might be surprised…

Estate sales are more than antique furniture and art, they’re everything you would expect to find in a modern household.

Adobe Spark-68

Quality bedding is expensive! Nearly every sale we conduct includes high-quality bedding, including Egyptian Cottons and Decorative Throw Pillows in excellent, clean, and barely-used condition. Sometimes brand new!

Adobe Spark-69

House plants and potted plants are common estate sale finds!

Adobe Spark-70

Entire seasons of Game of Thrones at an estate sale? Yep. CDs and DVDs are often overlooked but are well worth checking out.

Adobe Spark-72

We all keep scraps of paper, cut-outs like the one above from a 60s fashion magazine. These are one of the items truly unique to estate sales and one of my favorite finds.

Adobe Spark-73

Ziploc bags, plastic wrap, detergent, vinegar, and other staples are all common estate sale items for sale.

Adobe Spark-74

From vintage to modern, bathing suits to wool blazers, there’s usually high-quality clothing at estate sales.

Adobe Spark-75

One of the only ways to find affordable, unique light fixtures is at an estate sale.

Adobe Spark-76

Not just vintage electronics, but MacBooks, iPods, and flatscreen TVs.

Adobe Spark-77

Bags of mulch, fertilizer, and garden soil are common items left behind when downsizing.

Estate sales hosted by Six Houses are not auctions, they’re in home tag sales of everyday items. Follow our sales and never pay retail again!


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